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    full-service management firm specializing in
    residential condominium management.

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Solution APEX is a Montreal-based full-service management firm specializing in residential condominium management. We excel in problem-solving, and we’ve got an eye for identifying market opportunity to achieve the absolute best results for our clients.

What Solution APEX brings to the table:

Extensive market knowledge

A vast
network of contacts

deal-making expertise


Our team oversees tasks including financial, administrative, and operational duties surrounding residential properties. However, we know that not all property is made equal. That’s why we practice a management approach that’s tailored to meet your own unique needs, as opposed to following a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our a la carte menu helps you obtain the services you need without paying extra for the services you don’t.

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Cities and regions served: Montreal – Quebec - North Shore - South Shore

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Whether you intend on self managing or hiring us for full or part time service, we have a package for you. Our a la carte menu helps you obtain the services you need without paying extra for the services you don’t.

A dedicated manager within a team of experts by their side; here are some of the most popular services that we offer. It is not an exhaustive list so please make sure to contact us even if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the list below.


Administrative Management

- Custom management reports.
- Enforcing the declaration of co-ownership.
- Holding and reporting of board meetings.
- Preparation and convening of the annual general meetings.
- Animation and minutes of general meetings.
- Annual update to the register of co-ownership.


Financial Management

- Development of budgets with the board of directors.
- Preparing payments for invoices due.
- Processing common charges.
- Bank reconciliation.
- Collection of unpaid charges.
- Preparation of year end.
- Custom reporting frequency.


Technical Management

- Negotiation & management of maintenance contracts.
- Coordination of maintenance services such as landscapers and snow remover etc.
- Follow-up of services rendered.
- Regular inspections of the common areas.
- Consultations for all works.


Dedicated Services

- 24/7 emergency call service available.
- Recruitment, training & management of building staff.
- Exclusive condominium manager possible.
- Online portal possible.



In 1969 Quebec allowed for the very first divided co-ownership property to be built in the province, setting forth the complex legal precedence of co-ownerships in Quebec and the ever-growing demand for condo management services. Fast-forward to the years between 1981 and 2011—the Insurance Bureau of Canada indicates that number of co-ownership properties increased significantly during this time to 574%.

Are you looking for a condo property management firm in Montreal?
Here’s why Solution APEX is the right choice:

* You receive nothing less than exceptional service.
* Open and clear communication with our team – we’re accessible!
* We have a repertoire of established working relationships with contractors across several areas of expertise – All of which are accessible to you.
* Our team of experts is eager to work with you.


Our code of conduct ensures you professional, transparent, and responsible management. It is based in a value system that places people above profits, relationship above ROI, and reputation above revenues.

Our values are contagious; they shape our reputation and influence your organization.

At Solution APEX, we are trained to listen, think differently, and take unique circumstances into account. Are you interested in building a relationship with our authentic, reliable, and thoughtful organization?
Contact us and let us know.


We believe that integrity is the basis of our work. Personal character is our individual responsibility to ourselves, our team members, and our clients. Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. Our moral compass does not waver.


We believe that if we are honest with our clients then they will trust and be honest with us. We believe that word-of-mouth referrals and our reputation are our most effective advertising in this very competitive industry. We believe that our integrity and trustworthiness are in fact the greatest things we have to offer you.


It's imperative for every part of our team to feel competent and capable. That's why we regularly give internal training on topics that affect us and our clients. Continued education is always rewarded and incentivized.


Reliability means that every APEX team member needs to deliver consistently.


Teamwork is at the forefront of our minds. It’s the most powerful/valuable tool we have. We stand up for what we believe and openly share our point of view. We respect when others do the same. We can win as a team by fostering open communication with all who we interact with.


We recognize that every decision impacts someone. We place ourselves in the position of everyone we serve – clients, tenants, and team members – so that we can present comprehensive, efficient solutions while still being mindful of those around us.

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